HOLD THAT TIGER! by Sam Dunton


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The Staff photographer of the New York Zoological Society and author of A Guide to Photographing Animals provides a good book of photographic adventure which has many examples of his camera work for illustrations. The title and the jacket are unfair to oncoming readers for tigers -- three delightful, bottle-reared cubs born in the Bronx Zoo in 1944 -- appear in only one chapter, but there are plenty of other animals in the cast, some far more vicious than zoo tigers. Backstage at the Bronx Zoo, and on field expeditions -- to Mexico, to the underground lakes and rivers of the bat-infested Oropuche Cave where the eyeless blind-fish live; to the Windward Islands for pictures of the Loggerhead turtle laying her eggs; to the Everglades and to Trinidad:- here is the record of the author's work. An awkwardness in the text is no drawback to the curious and fascinating subjects he has photographed and his adventures should be sure-fire for all animal lovers, zoo addicts and camera fans and those who like their wild-life hunting without gore.

Pub Date: Sept. 26th, 1957
Publisher: Greenberg