SEA STORY by Sam Llewellyn


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In his first US publication, Llewellyn writes of the fortunes and reputations at stake as multimillion-dollar yachts chase each other around the world--in a race that dwarfs the America's Cup. Colossal egos, national prestige, middle-aged romance, class and corporate warfare--and lots of authentic technical detail--keep things sailing at a respectable clip in this yachting epic about a fictional Lancaster Great Circle Race from Plymouth to the Antarctic and back, with stops for rest and recovery in Cape Town, Sydney, and Rio. The participants include a Republican New Englander conning the entry of an ancient, snobbish, and corrupt yacht club: an alcoholic talk-show host in nominal command of a fast but dangerous California entry; a gasbag world explorer and his crew of British sociopaths; a Falsely Accused Englishman; a high-rolling Aussie buccaneer; a couple of sybaritic and amusing Austrian dentists; and a petite vessel run by clever ladies. The stakes are enormous--as are the costs--and so the competition is fierce every minute the yachts are at sea, fighting the winds, beating the storms, and dodging the doldrums. In port, everyone relaxes, falls in love, drinks too much, or fights with the race sponsor. There's a sympathetic character for nearly every possible potential reader here--and an astonishing amount of skulduggery--but it's all handled with skill and just enough sailing details to dazzle the average lubber. Very smooth.

Pub Date: June 3rd, 1988
Publisher: St. Martin's