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From the Lisa & Lilly series

by Sam Loman & illustrated by Sam Loman & developed by Atmos BV

Pub Date: Dec. 10th, 2011
Publisher: Atmos BV

This pleasantly illustrated story app is marred by lack of attention to detail and an ending that entreats the viewer to buy additional apps.

Lisa and Lilly are apparently famous in Norway for their own stationery line. In this adventure, they head to the beach with their pets and follow a treasure map to find a treasure. The art is appealing and the story is solid, but there are some problems that drag this app down. Most importantly, there are background elements missing that only become clear in another download, Meet Lisa and Lilly (which, to be fair, is free). For instance, viewers will be confused when they are asked to look for Lucky (the “fairy cat” is never introduced), readers who don't know that Dolly is a “cloud dog” will wonder how it is she can fly. The interactive elements don’t always work well, and without the info icon on each page they might never even be found. That said, there is a cute puzzle on one page and a suitcase activity on another. The optional English /Norwegian narration is quite agreeable, and navigation is smooth. The story ends with a shameless commercial appeal: “Hurry up Birdie and Lucky. We need to go to the app store,” says Dolly. “There are more Lisa and Lilly apps we can download!” Yuck.

More care with details and less outright commercialism would raise this app out of the ordinary (iPad storybook app. 3-7)