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HOLIDAY SPICE by Samantha Chase


by Samantha Chase

Pub Date: Oct. 3rd, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-4926-1637-5
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

When Darcy goes to work for Ben, an artist, helping him organize his commitments, they find their relationship enhanced by a blizzard.

Darcy Shaughnessy’s life has always been shadowed by her five older protective brothers, but now that she’s a young adult, her North Carolina family’s meddling is grating on her. Finding a good arts administration job is hard, and the Shaughnessy clan’s tendency to perceive her as flighty and aimless doesn’t help. When Darcy’s sister-in-law Savannah sends her to Washington state to help an artist friend with a book submission, the two get off to a good start, until Ben waxes eloquent about Savannah. Darcy is turned off—misconstruing his admiration for romantic interest—and her attitude cools, straining their collaboration. When a huge early snowstorm strands her, Ben has the opportunity to explore her sudden hostility. Darcy, used to her brothers’ high-handed interference, is surprised by his even-keeled confrontation, and once she gives him a chance, it isn't too long before they’re half in love. As the stress-inducing holidays approach, the two decide to pursue a long-distance relationship, hindered by Ben’s isolationist tendencies, Darcy’s highly social personality, her family’s tightknit nature, and their struggle to see Darcy as anything but the baby of the family. Chase’s final chapter of the popular Shaughnessy series is a touching and realistic exploration of a couple’s decision to take a risk on love despite some “opposites attract” issues and difficult circumstances. A few excessively immature moments—including the first misunderstanding—may make readers wonder what they see in each other, but the satisfying resolution ultimately enhances the journey.

A light, fun, yet emotionally complex romance made even more appealing by its redemptive Christmas elements.