YOUR KEY TO CREATIVE THINKING: How to Get More and Better Ideas by Samm S. Baker

YOUR KEY TO CREATIVE THINKING: How to Get More and Better Ideas

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By the time one has read the first few of Baker's chapters, filled as they are with platitudes, familiar quotations, and ebullient advance claims for what the rest of the book will do to one, it is nearly impossible to believe that the rest of the book will offer one any specific value. And yet, the later chapters have a different texture. The sustained application of common sense to common problems is not necessarily, in Baker's view, a losing battle waged against shifting ideas and aspirations. He has organized a six-step method that can actually be followed logically, provided the reader chooses to do so. Curiosity, enthusiasm, patience, are the means; simplicity, precision, and accuracy are the principles to be applied. Baker is vice president of a prominent advertising agency author of innumerable articles and books on such diverse subjects as gardening and merchandising, in addition to detective fiction. His success, he claims, lies in getting things done by doing them, and that very success is its own best tool of persuasion as to the validity of the technique. While flexing the muscles of the brain on Baker's problems and puzzles in spatial relations, arithmetic, and word-clue conundrums, the creative capacity slips out of its cupboard for a well-deserved airing.

Pub Date: Oct. 24th, 1962
Publisher: Harper & Row