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McCall's syndicated gardening places in newspapers, Miracle Gardening Tips on radio and TV these have introduced Mr. Baker to an alert and interested audience. This book brings together the data he has checked and rechecked and put into use in his Westchester garden and presents it in practical form for study and reference. While the book is oriented to a better comprehension of the part played in modern gardening by the new varieties of plant material, the chemical fertilizers, conditioners, preventives and cures of the and diseases and so on that plague the gardener, there is full recognition granted the basic know-how of gardening. Miracle gardening does not climate the dedication and the hard work. It does, perhaps, short cut some of the procedures. There is plenty of sound advice on all types of gardening and all aspects, from how to get the best materials, the necessary tools, plus the controls miracle gardening provides. He discusses different types of gardens:- study gardens, vegetable gardens, water gardens, annuals and biennials and perennials, roses lawns, bulbs, shrubs, evergreens, trees, vines, vegetables, rock gardens, wild flower gardens, etc., etc., etc. He goes into matters of mulches, pruning, organic gardening, greenhouses, propagation, a cutting garden and flowers for showing, and throughout he shows where and how and to what extent the new discoveries will aid the modern gardener. This is no panacea-nor it is the answer to ""gardening without an aching back""-but it does bring important factors of today into proper perspective.

Pub Date: Oct. 27th, 1961
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap