THE PERMISSIBLE LIE: The Truth About Advertising by Samm Sinclair Baker

THE PERMISSIBLE LIE: The Truth About Advertising

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Mr. Baker, who has written a number of books about gardening, guessably his avocation, spent thirty years as an advertising man so that he certainly knows the business although you can well question why he worked in it. He has barely a tolerable thing to say about advertising, its misrepresentation, fraud, or what Ogilvy called ""flatulent puffery,"" its influence on programming, and later for some reason drifts into its subsidiary television--ratings and its influence on children. Mr. Baker believes that this can be changed through citizen action and has some high-minded directives at the close (boycott, write letters or protest), but before you reach it you will have slogged through a deafening aggregate of slogans, commercials, etc. to prove a point which has been well taken before. Many times before. He would do well to return to horticulture--il faut cultiver son jardin.

Pub Date: July 24th, 1968
Publisher: World