THE DELICIOUS QUICK-TRIM DIET by Samm Sinclair & Sylvia Schur Baker


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Baker has previously collaborated on some super-hyped, medically shaky diet regimens (the Scarsdale diet guide, the Stillman diet series), so this most staid of reducing guides comes as a surprise. There is absolutely nothing new here--not even in the gimmick department. Baker and Schur offer a 900-1200 calorie-a-day reducing program; endorse the usual behavior mod suggestions (eat more slowly, savor textures); okay exercise (the advice, however, is skimpy); provide a maintenance plan; and include a reference section, advice on eating out, and a Q&A chapter. For dieters stuck at a plateau, there's a three-day, vegetables-only plan, and a one-day liquid diet. Recipes are simple and reasonable: from breakfasts of baked apple and oatmeal to dinners of fish, potato, a large salad, and pears-poached-in-wine. Healthy eating guidelines--low cholesterol, low salt, high complex carbohydrates--are also observed. Nothing objectionable, nothing new.

Pub Date: Jan. 10th, 1983
Publisher: Villard/Random House