THE BIBLE: GOD'S WORD TO MAN by Samuel A. Cartledgs


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Dr. Cartiedge, professor at Columbia Theological Seminary, writes as an enthusiastic believer who knows that God has spoken not only in the Word of Holy Scripture but also in the Word made Flesh! He is aiming to share this treasure with as many people as possible. Fortunately he is also a biblical scholar, with warm sympathies and a vivid realization of the world in which he lives and the dreadful necessity of God's word for its redemption. When the author writes, therefore, there is an urgency, an intensity and a strong feeling of faith that breathe through his most interesting treatment. God's Word does not pretend to be a commentary, but it does Invent the reader with clear principles to guide him in interpreting Holy Writ. Nor is the book in the usual ""Introduction-to-the-Bible"" tone. Dr. Cartledge calmly assumes that the reader and The Bible have met before. Rather, this is a book about the Bible that points to the reading of the Bible. It is a well organized footnote that a scholar will enjoy and a high school student can understand. Few books dealing with the Bible combine learning with enthusiasm so well that both tend to be contagious to the reader. This one has that rare quality.

Publisher: Westminster Press