IF ALL THE REBELS DIE by Samuel B. Southwell


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An absorbing WW III novel, filled with familiar types who often seem like rounded characters because they are well motivated...It is two weeks after a brief atomic war started by Russia resulting in 30 million U.S. dead, 40 million Russian. Because Russia has a psychological advantage, the U.S. capitulates. Russia has bombed only a handful of major cities and many army bases, while leaving major industrial complexes intact. Now the occupation army is moving in and the story focuses on a large university town in Texas. A mere 100 Russians easily hold down the population, begin nationalizing property, drafting labor battalions and Leninizing the university. Dr. Robert Arnold, a sociologist, barely escaped death in a blast up North and has now made it home to his family. The education commissar has decided to put Arnold in charge of student political indoctrination. He accepts the Job as a front, while organizing a local underground resistance movement. The novel seems to write itself as the techniques of occupation and resistance are elaborated, in reasonably thoughtful terms. The book has some value beyond entertainment and the background is tricked out very well.

Publisher: Doub1eday