BRITISH BOUQUET by Samuel Chamberlain


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France and Italy in this trio of gourmet tours have become basic traveler's guides. Each is a combination of guidebook -(with enough of background, special flavor, associations-literary and historical)- restaurant and inn directory- and cookbook. Now comes a more difficult assignment, Britain. There's prejudice and fore-ordained conviction against food in Britain. This Sam Chamberlain overcomes by stressing the upsurge of good cooking, the improved standards of good hostelries. His selections are not too extensive; he has recommended only those he knows, from over four years of traveling in Britain. But the fascination of the book- aside from its practicality-lies in the complete capturing of the peculiar flavor that is Britain's ""bouquet"". For those who know and love the highways and byways of the English countryside, it is enchanting; those who have never been there will be allured. The final section presents a garnering of regional and traditional English recipes. And throughout, the tiny maps, the sketches and the superb photographs make this an ideal gift item for that friend who is hard to please.

Publisher: Gourmet