THE SCIMITAR by Samuel Edwards


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A rechauffs of historical fact can be taken with salt and consists largely of the daring deeds of Captain Julian Hamilton, wrongly charged with the death of his uncle, and in search of a ""virtuous woman"" who can resist him. Hijacked out of England to Turkey where he is used as an agent provocateur, he meets young, desirable Celia aboard ship, cannot prevent her capture and sale to the Emir's sister, Lala Fayema. Hamilton too becomes her slave, but ultimately her master and he secures his freedom. An attempt to see Cella results in a public flogging and she turns against him; Hamilton becomes a janissary (a professional soldier), and finally reaches the Austrian troops before the stege of Belgrads, helps to rout the Turks and rescue Celia.... Consorts and concubines, mustaphas and pashas all contribute to the heavy Oriental overlay which still does not conceal the familiar outlines of this plumply plotted tale. By another name, Samuel Edwards is better known as Noel Gerson.

Pub Date: June 20th, 1955
Publisher: Farrar, Straus