THE CITY OF REASON by Samuel H. Beer


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Sufferers from overdoses of Sartre's existentialism, or of Philosophy for the Future: the Quest of Modern Materialism, which Macmillan will publish, will welcome this antidote. This is a book not too difficult for the layman to read, highly educative for the ever-growing army of laymen interested in the question of whether there is a God, or a purpose behind our striving. Existentialism, the philosophy of the materialistic attitude, asks that we ""face the implications for personal action of a universe without purpose"". Samuel Beer propounds a theory founded on the assumption of a universe with a purpose. He discusses the problem of creative man in a creative universe, and holds that this reciprocal creativity gives to the creativity of man eternal meaning and lasting consequence... The wide appeal of such a book, not only to scientists, students of philosophy and the clergy, comes from its very direct answer to materialistic thinking.

Pub Date: March 8th, 1949
Publisher: Harvard University Press