THE FACE OF THE WAR: 1931-1942 by Samuel H. Cuff

THE FACE OF THE WAR: 1931-1942

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Of reference value solely; the chapters containing opinion seem already dated, for the author's assumptions have, in certain directions, been negated by the strides of history. The material had its roots in radio programs, but emerges as an outline survey of pre-current-war aggression, the steps by which the present war was launched, the march of events. The most interesting and novel part of the book is that in which he has brought together the reactions of various countries to each event, as Manchuria, Ethiopia, Rhinoland China, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Memel, Albania fell under the fasciat age. What a commentary on the blindness and stupidity of diplomats and politicians. Excellent maps closely tied to text by James McNaughton & Robert Bright. The factual material dates as of the end of February.

Publisher: Messner