ALEXANDER WOOLLCOTT: His Life and His World by Samuel Hopkins Adams


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A better rounded portrait emerges than from The Woollcott Letters, in this examination in the light of personal liking and knowledge, which is neither prettified nor -in-the-back, but gives a detailed picture of the man, friend and enemy, and salesmen. The conditioning influences of the Phalanx and early loyalties; that made for women, the dangers inherent in his girlish interests, his determination to be at Hamilton College, his break into writing at the Times....His rise as dramatic critic and the battles in which he engaged; the stamina revealed in medical work, on The Store and Stripes, his return to New York on the Herold, The World, The Sun -- and then to free lancing...His relations with friends, employers, writers and publishers -- his of books, his radio work, his professional activities in theatre, and his intense pursuit of money in testimonials. His fatishes and the and sheddy parts of his character, his charities, his enthusiasm, , and final battle against the collapse of his over-indulged body....This is , at his worst and best, malicious but not cowardly, queer but not but often humble and sincere. The Fabulous Monster in all his ...There seems to be an open market on Woollcott.

Pub Date: May 10th, 1945
Publisher: Reynal & Hitchcock