GRANDFATHER STORIES by Samuel Hopkins Adams


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Some of these appeared in The New Yorker: some supplied springboards for novels and Landmark books; some are hewn out of the sinews of a great state in the making; some are vivid bits of character recreation and closeups of legend in the making. For here are Samuel Hopkins Adams' stories of his two grandfathers,-one who felt himself integral to the making of the state through his beloved Erie Canal- who was a legend himself and gifted in seeming reluctance in sharing his memories of youth with his grandchildren; the other was a less colorful figure, but contributed his own mend of history and folklore and gave the boys a background which extended their own horizons. This is the stuff of which America was made. It is fortunate that one whose memory harks back some eighty years can share further memories of preceding generations today. The stories may be uneven, but there's an immense gusto in the telling and a high level of reading interest.

Pub Date: Jan. 22nd, 1955
Publisher: Random House