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RICOCHET by Sandra Brown


by Sandra Brown

Pub Date: Aug. 15th, 2006
ISBN: 0-7432-8933-1
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Dedicated Savannah cop finds himself dangerously smitten by a sexy—and married—suspect.

Even before laying eyes on the man’s stunning blond wife, Elise, Duncan Hatcher had reason to resent Judge Cato Laird. It was Laird who declared a mistrial in the murder case of ruthless crimelord Robert Savich, ruining months of Duncan’s hard work, and putting a very bad man back on the streets. That is why the homicide detective is justifiably ambivalent when summoned to Laird’s opulent mansion one night after Elise shoots—through the heart—a man who appears to be a burglar. Something about her story does not ring true to Duncan, or his intuitive partner DeeDee Bowen. As the investigation moves forward, Elise, a one-time topless waitress, approaches Duncan, alone, claiming that the bungled robbery attempt was actually a plot by her husband to have her killed. That seems hard to believe, since the judge certainly acts like he adores her. And while she will not say why he would want her dead, she still appeals to the cop for his help. Duncan then finds himself on a slippery slope of desire and duty as even his devoted partner wonders whether he can keep it in his pants long enough to uncover the truth. Meanwhile, a private investigator hired by Laird goes missing, and photographs surface of Elise meeting secretly with the pimp-smooth Savich. Clearly, Elise has much to hide, causing Duncan to wonder if she is an icy femme fatale hired to take him down, or the victim of a far-reaching criminal conspiracy who’s in need of his protection. Brown’s latest (Chill Factor, 2005, etc.) sags a bit in the middle with its laughable cop-show dialogue, but there are enough twists to keep fans guessing.

An able thriller featuring a squared-jawed cop and a shifty dame.