A GIRL LIKE ME by Sandra Harmon


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How can a girl like her--perfectly beautiful once her nose is bobbed--endowed with a volupte she can put to good use at all times as well as an innocent faith in that Mr. Right who's going to come along, looking a little like her father--find him? find herself? remain true to herself? In this confessional novel of some nameless girl from Brooklyn, reminiscent of one of Rona Jaffe's heroines, you'll come to realize that some of the above questions have no answers. And you'll follow one of life's slow learners from her first job with Alvin Originals and Martin, who is 47, through an endless number of rather piggish types of longer and shorter duration to success as a writer which she's always wanted--doing a daily TV talk show, getting an article printed which will become a film, writing the material for beauty pageants, etc., etc., but still at the end--""waiting for love."" Miss Harmon apparently knows the scene only too well and aside from the sex--hard to get aside from since it's a prominent part of the book--this is funny and dreadful and in combination form, readable. And a girl like her will no doubt be seen around, Today, Tonight.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1975
Publisher: Dutton