THE ROQUEFORT GANG by Sandy Clifford


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An inconsequential mouse story featuring Nicole, from France, where our cute mice seem to breed. Nicole now lives above a bakery with old Major Tybo, refired from the Royal Danish Mouse Corps, and two little mice known simply as The Twins. When The Twins disappear one rainy day, Nicole goes after them to the dreaded Wild-berry Lot, where the terrible Wileycats roam and from which no mouse ever returns. There she meets a swashbuckling mouse trio who call themselves the Roquefort Gang and tell her that there is no Wileycat. But there is a cheese-baited Big Black Box, and soon Nicole, trapped in it, finds herself in a storeroom full of other mice in boxes, waiting to be fed to snakes in science labs. The Twins are there too, and a watch cat who fancies himself a poet. . . but so, on their own, are the Roquefort Gang and the old Major, who help Nicole play on the poet-cat's vanity and free all the prisoners. Clifford's plotting is neat enough, his telling marginally jaunty (""ARE WE NOT MICE?"" ends the Roquefort Gang's boast song), marginally cute.

Pub Date: Feb. 23rd, 1981
Publisher: Paruassus/Houghton Mifflin