WHITE PRINCE by Sanford Tousey


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Seaford Tousey is one of those writers who can be used successfully to wean small boys from comics to books. He has a keen story sense, and his illustrations conform to the story pattern. In content, he appeals to somewhat younger readers than are able usually to read to themselves -- hence this classification. This is a simply told story of heroes and circuses, with the kind of happy accident that every small boy dreams might happen. Alf has lost his heart to an Arab colt at the circus where the colt's mother is a performer. Alf's father is Indian Agent on a Kenas Reservation, and when the colt, White Prince, runs away and appears at their door, he is asked to keep him to board for a year. This stretches to two, as the circus moves around, and Alf and his friend, Red Feather, train the salt in the tricks his mother does in the Big Tent. When the circus returns to town, the boys put White Prince through their act and win permission to keep his so their own.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1945
Publisher: Whitman