DAVY CROCKETT by Sanford Tousey


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A reader type biography of Davy Crockett, famous marksman, scout and hero of the Alamo, which is a melange of abrupt, poorly assorted facts presented without reference to any dramatic plan. Davy did live an exciting life as a fighter and hunter and elected representative in Washington. Defeated after a number of years by, I quote, ""Luck and politics"" ...he left at 49 to go to Texas, leaving his long-suffering family again...""to fight for freedom""...Here he was captured, and General Santa Ana refused clemenoy and he was killed....Santa Ana was later captured by General Houston...""It is too bad that Davy Crockett could not have lived to see the proud Mexican general up in a tree. Because he was always full of fun, this great American hero would have made much of the sight."" (!) The blurb says as writer and artist....for children...Tousey has no equal. The big, bright pictures with the villainous, stupid, brutal Indians, with shocking pink hair ribbons and arrows, the flat garish colors, the prancing animals are no doubt sure of welcome wherever his numerous books with fairly easy reading text are needed.

Publisher: Whitman