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by Sara Desai

Pub Date: July 18th, 2023
ISBN: 9780593548509
Publisher: Berkley

Best friends support each other when one of them is set up to take the fall for a robbery that evolves into a caper of their own.

Simi Chopra’s the kind of ride-or-die friend who’s always there with bleach and gloves for emergencies like the potential death of her octogenarian landlady Rose’s latest “gentleman caller” in the midst of some extracurricular activities. So when Simi’s bestie, Chloe, calls with her own emergency, Simi’s ready to help. In this case, Chloe’s trapped in a small museum on Chicago’s Gold Coast, and Simi knows it must be a true emergency because Chloe even phones. Chloe seems to have been set up in some sort of million-dollar necklace heist by her mysterious employer, Michael P., who’s used Chloe for her computer expertise to break into the museum’s security while telling her that he works for the museum and is trying to enhance their security. When she gets to the museum, Simi tries to convince Chloe to take an actual fall from the second story in a bid to avoid the police who will surely arrest her. But Simi’s help is neutralized when a man puts a hand over her mouth and drags her into the bushes. Oliver Twist, or maybe Jack Danger, informs Simi that he's just saved her from arrest. Whether or not she believes him, Simi can’t stay upset at a captor and/or rescuer who’s so handsome. So begins a jam-packed heist with the requisite slowly assembled team of misfits, from a life coach who’s more of a gigolo to a drone-loving nerd determined to rebrand himself “The Butcher.”

Even a good friend can stay too long, but that doesn’t mean the visit wasn’t fun.