BRIDLED WITH RAINBOWS by Sara & John E.- Eds. Brewton
Kirkus Star


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An imaginative, satisfying collection of poems ""about many things of earth and sky"" that are sheer enchantment for young readers. This is a companion anthology to Under the Tent of the Sky and Gaily We Parade. The thrill of unfolding life is mirrored here for youngsters through the eyes of such perceptive poets as Rachel Field, Vachel Lindsay, Walter de la Mare, Eleanor Farjeon, Frances Frost, Emily Dickinson, Amy Lowell, Lizette Worthington Reese, Arthur Guiterman and others. Familiar backgrounds of city, country, sea, home, school are used so that children will sense a kinship. A salutary assortment of verse old and young, classic and modern, makes this a good family poetry book.

Publisher: Macmillan