CATCH RIDES by Sara McAulay


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Catch rides is what freckle-faced hippie cowgirl Annie Gordon is doing with her young self: whether from saddle to saddle on jumpers at horse shows or from bed to bed with men old enough to dismay her mother--until she takes up with a teen-ager young enough to shock even her friends. With her kazoo and her copy of Germaine Greer, she's gone west from horsey Virginia to the Bay Area of California, shacked up with a former Olympic star turned trainer and summer-camp entrepreneur. Annie may be 25, but there's a real correspondence between her and all those horse-crazy adolescents, including the neurotic little fattie she will ultimately save from a raging forest fire at book's end after her trial by gang bang. The plot revolves around the rivalry between her too-old and too-young lovers and their preparations for the big Pebble Beach competition, and runs all over the hip scene. The real interest is in the scenes where Annie keeps testing her sex role to prove she's as good a man as any rider on the circuit. An uncontrolled first novel told from the gut, about the New Woman who also has some first oats to sow before riding off into the sunset--a touchstone of young Lib.

Pub Date: May 28th, 1975
Publisher: Knopf