MY SISTER GOLDIE by Sara Sandberg


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More gentle, lightly amusing sketches, continuing the adventures of the Sandberg family after their removal in the late 1920's to Riverside Drive from Harlem, the front-stoop days celebrated in Mother Sold Mink (1964). While the pre-'29 stock market boomed, so did the joyful anticipations of Mother, queen of mcintzch and mitzvah, as she energetically monitored the courling dances of suitors attending the beautiful Goldie, and doggedly attempted to push the author to the marital precipice. Most of Mother's good deeds and tall tales, however, flowered forth from the cluttered store of F. M. SANDBERG, Reliable Furrier, the family business to which the transported Jewish colony of widows, the timid and thunderers, and married ladies with burdened hearts and husbands, came for solace and/or sealskin. An endearing parade of personalities--a lady who ""stole the lobby"" to impress a future in-law; a buyer on the prowl who was deflected by a family plot; some feisty relatives and Father whose solution to most problems was the threat to ""throw (him/her) the hell out."" Enthuses one aspiring Mama of her daughter's beau (in the button business): ""If you see a button on any garment nine times out of ten, you can rest assured, it's his."" Rest assured, nine out of ten landsmen from the time, place, the circle, will appreciate.

Pub Date: Aug. 16th, 1968
Publisher: Doubleday