MRS. FOX'S WEDDING by Sara & Stephen Corrin--Adapt. Corrin


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Ostensibly (per the jacket copy), ""Sara and Stephen Corrin have neatly combined two versions of this favorite story by the Brothers Grimm""; actually, they've followed the plot-line of the less interesting version--the one in which old Mr. Fox has died (not pretended to be dead)--thrown the distinguishing motifs of the two together, and added some flagrant, un-folklore-like foolishness of their own. It makes a more varied picture book, but it also makes hash of the Brothers G. And, of course, Errol Le Cain's finicky/sauve pictures are the antithesis of earthy. But in providing the widowed Mrs. Fox with ""a dashing young lion,"" ""a capering billy goat,"" ""a gay young dog,"" etc., as suitors, the Corrins give him lots of outlandish figures to draw. Ultimately we do return to the Grimm story, when a procession of foxes present themselves, each with one more tail than the next--until one with nine tails (like the dear deceased) wins Mrs. Fox's hand. The telling is as coy as the illustration--and all of it is a travesty upon the original.

Pub Date: Sept. 12th, 1980
Publisher: Doubleday