IMAGINE THAT! by Sara & Stephen Corrin--Eds. Corrin
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This small, well-chosen collection will introduce readers to some unfamiliar but entertaining stories. Fourteen of the tales are retold from folklore; the 15th is by E. Nesbit. All concern transformations, riddles, or tricksters, described with wit. There is a wife who fools her husband into marrying her four times, and another who turns herself into a bird (with the help of feathers and honey) to free her husband from the devil. The Nesbit story, ""Belinda and Bellamant,"" recounts the confusing dilemma of a princess who is ugly every day but Sunday and wishes to marry a prince who is ugly only on Sundays. Story origins include Africa, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Italy and Lithuania; such impeccable retellers as Afanasiev, Almedingen, and Kendall ensure fidelity to these beginnings. Jill Bennett's line drawings and silhouettes vary in style with the stories' themes. A useful title for storytellers; a delight for readers.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1986
Publisher: Faber & Faber