SILVER MOON COTTAGE by Sara Ware Bassett


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Cape Cod assortment of family life and problems, as young Kathie finds a new heart interest, meddles in her uncle's affairs, and at last learns that old love is best and adults manage without her interference...Uncle Jim, jilted by the woman he was to have married, has kept the cottage that was to have been theirs as a shrine to the memory of his love. Kathie derides his devotion to a ""worthless female"" -- so he rents it to a mysterious Mrs. Harcourt. Kathie, enamoured of newcomer Roswell finds doubts about him when he seems to be inextricably bound to Mrs. Harcourt, and turns again to her old childhood friend Milton, home from overseas on furlough. Meantime, Jim has refused Mrs. Harcourt's offer to buy the house, and she purchases an old family house. Then he discovers that she is his long lost love, ready now to marry him. And Kathie's decision is made for her when she learns that Milton has been seriously wounded...Unprepossessing light romance -- bland diet for conservatives.

Pub Date: June 7th, 1945
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran