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A THIEF OR TWO by Sara Woods



Pub Date: Dec. 27th, 1977
Publisher: St. Martin's

One of Woods' slighter detections via courtroom drama--with Antony Maitland, he of the lovely lady wife and the grumpy baronet uncle, defending a jewelry-shop clerk accused of murdering his employer at a combination dinner-party/gem-showing. Maitland and the prosecutor go through heated but rather hollow exchanges, while the moment-by-moment whereabouts of everyone at the party are bruited about ad nauseam. Apparently aware of the thin proceedings this time out, old-pro Woods gives each of the jurors an interior monologue--skillful but blatant digressions--and matches up secret paramours with abandon. For all but the most rapt connoisseurs of cross-examinations or country-house timetables, then, a claustro-phobic and supremely ordinary visit to old, old Bailey.