THE LIE DIRECT by Sara Woods


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After an extended sojourn in Sominex city, Woods is back in top courtroom form at last--as barrister-sleuth Antony Maitland defends John Ryder, charged with treason. The case looks bad for Maitland's client: Soviet defector Dr. Boris Gollnow-and other witnesses--swear that Ryder had a London apartment-and-wife in addition to his home-and-wife in Wolverhampton. . . and that he used the London pad for the transfer of secret information. (Gollnow was supposedly the recipient, with secret-weapons-department employee Dennis Nesbit--now a suicide--the delivery man.) Even Ryder's bigamous wife Winifred testifies against him--while he denies ever having seen her. . . or Gollnow, for that matter. But Maitland believes Ryder; and when Winifred is murdered (with Ryder's pregnant wife Caroline the main suspect), the lawyer-hero is able to enlist the help of his old friend Chief Inspector Sykes. Intriguing plot, nimble pacing, and a minimum of chit-chat around the Maitland drawing-room: Woods' best effort in years--by a long shot.

Pub Date: Aug. 2nd, 1983
Publisher: St. Martin's