HENRY AND FOWLER by Sarah Garland


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A frankly faux-naive adventure from England, where Henry watches the ""racing eights boats"" at Oxford and one day speeds downriver on a door, pretending he's the coxswain. But Henry's dog Fowler summons the racing crew and, with their help, snatches the oblivious Henry from a waterfall in the nick of time. Now, to Henry's visible chagrin, ""Fowler is the hero. Fowler is the coxswain""--and the entire rescue squad goes home to tea with Henry's mother. In contrast to the present-tense, minimalist text, the violently colored pictures, with their windblown balloons and kinetic diagonals, are all slapdash frenzy and unrelieved turbulence--like a kindergarten Ardizzone gone mad. Henry's innocent passivity throughout has the makings of a quiet joke, but this calls for a resourceful Tim at the helm to resolve all the agitation.

Pub Date: May 16th, 1977
Publisher: Scribners