THE PEOPLE OF SOUTH AFRICA by Sarah Gertrude Millin


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Approximately four fifths of thin is new material, added to the 1934 revision of a book, The South African, that Sarah Gertrude Millin wrote in 1926. Now, it is a valid and interesting study of the problem land today, noteworthy and guaranteed of the sales that the growing interest in South Africa will give it. Written in an informative and easily flowing style that will appeal, the book and its arrangement are an easy combination of the historical and the contemporary. A survey-like first chapter tells chronological events from the first Boer settlements on, making it plain that the negro-white problem today will not settle itself. Following, are profiles on diamond and gold mining that give clear background detail to the land's whole economy, and establish a field of reference for living conditions, politics and very readable passages on the peoples themselves-Boer, English, Coloureds, Africans, Jews and Indians. A rich and sensitive comment, illustrative of the country's great dilemma and fine supplementary reading for a book like Vernon Barlett's The Struggle for Africa (Praeger).

Publisher: Knopf