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From the Kim Reaper series, volume 1

by Sarah Graley illustrated by Sarah Graley

Pub Date: Feb. 27th, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-62010-455-2
Publisher: Oni Press

Two girls attending university crush on each other and fight supernatural creatures in this charming graphic novel for teens.

Uni student Becka has a thing for goth girls. Brown-haired, brown-skinned, curvy, and femme, she works in a bakery and spends her art-history class daydreaming about her classmate Kim: “a 100% cutie with a booty.” Kim is pale with a purple bob and cat’s-eye eyeliner. When Becka finally works up the nerve to ask Kim out, she follows her out of class—and accidentally stumbles through a pink portal surrounded by skulls and swirling purple ghosts. Kim, casually carrying a portal-creating scythe, is on her way to reap the soul of a cat, her current assignment in her new job as a part-time grim reaper (to pay her way through uni). Becka’s arrival disrupts the process, sending them on a whirlwind adventure-turned-date to save Kim’s job and get home safely. Zombies, ghouls, and skeletal reapers all make appearances, but Graley’s humorous dialogue and cute cartoon illustrations (featuring Gravity Falls–esque oversized eyes and bubble-gum colors) keep things light.

An appealing mixture of 95 percent humor and 5 percent horror perfect for fans of John Allison’s graphic-novel series Giant Days and the web series Carmilla.

(Graphic fantasy. 12-18)