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WORDS FOR ME! by Sarah Jones


From the ROYGBaby series

by Sarah Jones ; illustrated by Sarah Jones

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-936669-48-6
Publisher: blue manatee press

Little readers expand their vocabularies.

Dozens of words are on hand, grouped into a variety of subjects. Little readers will learn many words for fruits and vegetables, vehicles, arts and crafts, and more. A smattering of objects under each heading is displayed on a double-page spread, each item sweetly illustrated and clearly labeled. The items are all fairly basic, though sometimes the author puts in a few cute asides (a “spill” on the Kitchen spread, a “mess” on the Party one, for instance). The labels are at times a bit too twee, but adults who don’t want their children referring to their toy trains as “choo-choos” or rubber ducks as “duckies” can edit on the fly. They will probably be actively grateful for the “HOT!” printed in red type next to the glowing-red burner labeled “stovetop”—an unusually thoughtful addition. The book nears its end with a double-page spread dedicated to Family. The family has a black “mommy” and a white “daddy” and thoughtfully diverse extended relations.

A solid vocabulary-extension tool.

(Board book. 1-2)