NO ESCAPE by Sarah Kemp


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Kemp (Over the Edge) offers yet another psychopathic-killer chronicle--but this one has more going for it than many. Relentlessly, we follow the bloody trail of murders in the wake of timid, green-eyed Mary Lacey--as she moves from place to place around the English village of Westhampton. And all the victims eventually come under the scrutiny of forensic pathologist Dr. Tina May, a beautiful, brilliant top-protegÉe of famous TV-personality Dr. Jock Kettle. (He's the preeminent forensic pathologist, now dying of cancer.) So, as the murders multiply, Tina becomes the subject of unwanted publicity. . . which leads to her deep personal involvement with the killer. Kemp does a solid job with this basic sleuth/criminal formula--stressing the two women's radically contrasting lives (each with a rich set of supporting characters), and building suspense up to a startling final twist. An old theme, yes, but reworked here with polished ease and fresh vigor.

Pub Date: April 6th, 1984
Publisher: Doubleday