OVER THE EDGE by Sarah Kemp


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Labeled by the publisher as a ""Crime Club"" selection, this is actually closer to contemporary psycho/gothic--one of those contrived teasers in which the reader is misled by the delusions of some deranged lady. Here it's widowed painter Kate Hawksmoor, who, it seems, has done away with her three-year-old daughter ""Pussy""; after all, Pussy has disappeared, and Kate keeps wandering about having hysterical flashbacks and saying things like ""I only did what had to be done, sooner or later!"" And now she's got another crime in mind: she's going off to kill her late husband's mistress, who either drove him to suicide or killed him. Meanwhile, the police have gotten interested, but when they search where they think Pussy's body might be, they find only. . . a doll. Kate herself calmly explains all--after one of the speediest recoveries from psychosis ever--and it's an old, tired story, clumsily derivative of Bunny Lake is Missing and other better versions.

Pub Date: Aug. 17th, 1979
Publisher: Doubleday