THE COOL MERIDIAN by Sarah Kilpatrick


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This second novel is not too much more than the civilized affair(e) which it is, but it fingers ideas and feelings with a worldly legerdemain, certainly far more than one can expect in a woman's novel.... ""Past the meridian all change is decay""; still Ann Rayner, who is forty, briefly enjoys a late bloom of sexual experience. Earlier, in her thirties, she had snatched at a readymade situation, Thomas and his two children by a former marriage, only to find that Thomas is not only a dour intellectual but an androgynous type, advocating a third sex. The romance between Thomas' daughter and a young man serves as a biological spur within the family; Ann becomes intimate with the discarded husband of a friend but finally gives him up in the protective interest of her stepson..... Somehow the situation does not have quite the sympathetic encroachment of the earlier Phoenix Hour but Mrs. Kilpatrick, who has also written for Punch, is a gracile, facile writer.

Pub Date: Feb. 19th, 1965
Publisher: Abelard-Schuman