THERE WAS A LADY by Sarah Litsey


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The inflexibility of the structure of the past, and the breaking of the bonds of friendship as the codes of the time are unwillingly disregarded -- this is the pattern of Miss Cammy's love for Dr. Prather in conflict with her loyalty to and devotion for Mr. Boon, who had given her the chance to make a name for herself in music. They have come to a small Kentucky town for peace and effacement, and Miss Cammy, who has given up her career for the man who had befriended her, teacher, organizes a Bach circle, brings out the genius of ignored young Lily, fights against the insulting intentions of a young hoodlum, who nonetheless makes the town suspect her. The complex design of their lives climaxes in the suicide. of Mr. Boone -- and Miss Cammy's cism. She is able, nonetheless, through Dr. Prather's love, to appreciate the influence for kindness and good that she has had... Leisurely in te as befits the 1913-18 period, this reflects the power of small town gossip, personal and the strength of a selfless woman. Some awkwardness of style mars its f.

Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill