SUCCESS AND BETRAYAL: The Crisis of Women in Corporate America by Sarah & Nehama Jacobs Hardesty

SUCCESS AND BETRAYAL: The Crisis of Women in Corporate America

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A study of women in corporate America--their hopes, aspirations and disappointments--plus some revealing insights into what ostensibly makes corporate women different from their male counterparts. Success and Betrayal is a diverse collection of experiences and testimonials of women (and some men) who have witnessed the sorry plight of female executives. Malcolm Forbes, Jr., Juanita Kreps, Lois Wyse and Dr. Srully Blotnick, to name a few, were enlisted to contribute. The authors have drawn some questionable conclusions from the scores of interviews that were conducted, however. They seem to believe, for example, that female corporate types are victims of a vast male-dominated conspiracy dedicated to deluding up-and-coming women into believing that they too can be successful on their own terms. Both authors--as well as most of the women interviewed--apparently think that all working women, unlike all working men, strive for the pinnacle of corporate success. Just what happened to being a content middle manager, and why does this syndrome affect only women are questions which remain unanswered here. Exactly why any hard-working corporate woman would wish to read about how unsuccessful she really is--and will probably always be--is one more mystery posed by this forgettable, sour-grapes-toned work.

Pub Date: Oct. 20th, 1986
ISBN: 0671645633
Publisher: Franklin Watts