MING LIVING THINGS: As Grouping Of Plants and Animals by Sarah R. Riedman

MING LIVING THINGS: As Grouping Of Plants and Animals

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This is a simple approach to classification in nature that should not prove to be too difficult for the better readers in this age group. The first chapter is devoted to the men who set up and expanded the classification scheme -- pre-Linnaeus to Darwin. Then in separate chapters, the book progresses from microscopic life through plants and invertebrates, to the shell fish and finally the vertebrates. The illustrations in two colors, which are to be by Jerome Connolly, will play a vital part in the book's use, for each section ends with a series of questions that can be answered from a careful look at the pictures in terms of what's been said in the text. The last chapter is a review of all that has gone before to complete a book which should prove helpful at a time when necessary materials are rushing to keep up with a speeded curriculum.

Pub Date: April 18th, 1963
Publisher: Rand McNally