THE INK-BOTTLE CLUB by Sarah Stafford Smith


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Too many characters with not enough character is the problem--the Ink Bottle Club (formed in Grandma's cute ink bottle-shaped school) has ten members, five boys and five girls. Caroline and Judith are the visiting cousins from England, Louis is French and the others live year round in Dublin. Their main activity is getting adults to tell them stories, and out of six and a half tales they get same good ones: how the horse Boney once captured a lion, how a magic tree changed a wife's disposition, and how two hasty knights learned that ""a shield has two sides."" Then there's a polo match, a trip to the movies and a minor misunderstanding among the clubbers. Written from the outside in with a lot of stilted dialogue and some livelier dialect, a prim adult's eye look at an all too remote 1913.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1967
Publisher: Watts