TRILBY'S TRUMPET by Sarah Stapler


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A flap book with more interesting illustrations than most and a satisfying, if modest, plot. Trilby's brother, Finch, has had enough of Trilby's trumpey (""Fooa Dooa Waooo. . .""), so he hides it. Reader and Trilby together search boxes, cupboards, even a pumpkin to no avail (though there is always something to be found--the expected, like bread in a breadbox; or the unexpected, like a cookie jar under a quilt). The trumpet, which has been hiding in Finch's chef's hat, is returned only after Trilby does all the dishes--but when he begins to play again, poor Finch is right back where he started. The two bears' nostalgic country kitchen is quaintly, but attractively, decorated; kids will be more interested in the six kittens and the mother cat who finds them, one by one, as Trilby conducts his search. Cleanly drawn and as full of light and air as a country kitchen should be.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1987
Page count: 16pp
Publisher: Harper & Row