THE WORLD OF GIOTTO by Sarel & the Editors of Time-Life Books Elmerl


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A wide-angle documentary which starts with superlatives on the artist, pulls in the technique of painting and stylistic influences, stands back for a long look at social, cultural and political history, closes in on Giotto's life and work (with occasional shifts to accommodate events), and ends with an aftermath--the temporary eclipse of Florence attending the Plague. All this is extensively illustrated, as per series practice; it adds up to an interdisciplinary introduction too detailed for the dilettante, too general for the specialist--and certainly not analytical enough for the student of art history. The execution can't be faulted--the author has done her homework and produced an orderly if not absorbing synthesis--but we wonder at the audience; otherwise, no argument.

Pub Date: July 1st, 1967
Publisher: Time-Life Books