ESQUIRE'S ALL ABOUT WOMEN by Saul- Eds. Esquire & Maloff


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...and as much about men, this intrepid sally into the relation of the sexes. obed are: the nature of the prey--woman; the nature of the hunter--man; the compulsion known as the chase; the encounter: courtship, marriage and other dalliance; disillusionment: retreat and flight; sex and love on the new frontier... Probers include Simone de Beauvoir, who analyzes BB's appeal, Helen Lawrenson who tells how to lie to a woman, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., who explores the crisis of American masculinity, Marya annes, who discusses the age for making love and the sophisticated man, Stuart Cloete who expatiates on the advantages of polygamy. The problems and pastimes of all the civil states from unwilling virgin and willing bachelor to middle-aged spouses with or without oving eyes come under scrutiny. The hands dealt here are uneven, and though the suit is a winning one, the Esquire tab would have pre-supposed a more consistently urbane and top-name treatment.

Pub Date: Nov. 6th, 1963
Publisher: Harper & Row