TUBERCULOSIS by Saul Solomon


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The first of three books on this disease to appear this fall (the Dubos book is reviewed below and Knopf has a title scheduled for late November), this is part of this publisher's Health Series and more medical in its emphasis, concrete in its detail than the Dubos. And while there is data on the history of tuberculosis, its incidence and toll, on hospitals and sanatoria- and the lack of facilities which prevail, and on the bacillus which causes this,- the concentration is on the description of the disease in all its phases from the primary infection to reinfection, from pulmonary tuberculosis to the many parts of the body it may affect, as well as on the many types of treatment-collapse and surgery and the new drugs with their questionable results, along with a program for the control of and the types of testing which play their part.... Explicit coverage at a readily accessible level.

Pub Date: Oct. 20th, 1952
Publisher: Coward-McCann