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OUT NOW by Saundra Mitchell


Queer We Go Again!

edited by Saundra Mitchell

Pub Date: May 26th, 2020
ISBN: 978-1-335-01826-7
Publisher: Inkyard Press

Queer prose anthology filled with diverse characters, experiences, and identities.

Dedicated to “every queer kid out there,” this volume includes contributions from 17 writers, including editor Mitchell, who share stories starring LGBTQIAP teens. The authors are a varied group (both international and multicultural), and their fiction reflects this. The anthology covers a range of genres and narrative styles—from realistic fiction to paranormal to fantasy—and no two are quite the same. Standouts include a piece that balances the need for control in “Kick. Push. Coast.” by Candice Montgomery, about a skateboarder determined to land a new trick and talk to a pretty girl despite their label not feeling right; the hilarious and moving vampire saga about coming out, “What Happens in the Closet” by Caleb Roehrig; C.B. Lee’s pitch-perfect “Lumber Me Mine,” about a lesbian reclaiming herself post-breakup and falling for a classmate in woodshop who is ace; Mark Oshiro’s entry that tackles dating as a big, Latinx gay man in the catfishing-gone-wrong “Refresh”; and Julian Winters’ story tenderly exploring a father-son relationship, “Victory Lap.” Common themes emerge: questioning and exploring self, identities, and labels; family pressure; the desire to be seen and loved; and courage. This is a wonderful addition to queer lit for teens.

Readers will find affirmation and see themselves—maybe for the first time—in this collection.

(contributor biographies) (Anthology. 14-18)