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THE CHOSEN ONES by Scarlett Thomas


From the Worldquake series, volume 2

by Scarlett Thomas

Pub Date: May 29th, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-4814-9787-9
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

In this sequel to Dragon’s Green (2017), 11-year-old “true hero” Effie Truelove finds her life and her world in peril.

Effie and friends Maximilian (a mage), Raven (a witch), Wolf (a warrior), and Lexy (a healer) attend magic classes in the post-worldquake Realworld, where they’re forbidden from doing magic, owning magical boons, and traveling to the magical Otherworld. When Effie’s expelled from classes for violating these rules and her father confiscates her magical boons, she wonders how she will return to the Otherworld she loves. Meanwhile, Raven hears a rumor Effie will die on the day of a huge meteor shower, which is also when Skylurian Midzhar, a powerful witch and literary agent, plans to burn all remaining copies of the popular, Harry Potter–like The Chosen Ones in a public ceremony. Unaware she’s in grave danger, Effie sneaks back to the Otherworld, risking the loss of her magical lifeforce. A chatty third-person narrator manipulates complex, crisscrossing storylines in which Effie and her friends wield their diverse magical skills, hoping to uncover a dark conspiracy and expose Skylurian. Fascinating characters, a dramatic denouement, and an intriguing books-and-libraries subtext contribute to the success of this second book of the Worldquake series.

A rich, original, and imaginative sequel for fantasy fans

. (Fantasy. 9-12)