THE REALITY OF GOD And Other Essays by Schubert M. Ogden


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The problem of God has become the new center of theological discussion today. Traditional ways of approaching the problem, as embodied in classical metaphysical-theological systems, make an adequate solution of the problem impossible. The author, of the faculty of Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University, believes that adequate resources for a solution can be found in a true secularism, as distinguished from ""secularistic"" thinking. The reality of God can be exhibited only by reflection upon certain experiences shared in common by men today--and by ""the affirmation of life here and now in the world in all its aspects and in its proper autonomy and significance."" This theme forms the subject of approximately the first third of the book. The remaining two-thirds consists of other essays, previously published in various journals, which have a supplementary relation to the main theme. The discussion shows an informed acquaintance with current and standard literature in the field and the style is clear and direct. The book will be found useful by both students and lay readers interested in a solid foundation from which to approach such current theological questions as ""The Death of God.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1966
ISBN: 087074318X
Publisher: Harper & Row