EXISTENCE AND FAITH by Schubert N. -Ed. Ogden


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Dr. Ogden had performed a real service for the average student of theology in bringing together these selected shorter works of the great German contemporary theologian, Rudolph Bultmann. When we realize that Bultmann has been required reading for over two score years for anyone seeking to understand current Christian thinking; that his output has been prodigious and his style somewhat formidable, we can only be grateful for a book like Existence and Faith, which presents long samples, and enough of them, so that the reader may have some first hand acquaintance with a great mind. The selections cover at least one offering from each of the five decades of Bultmann's primary significance. Students of St. Paul will be pleased at the large amount of material bearing on him. Of special interest, also, is the address The Task of Theology In The Present Situation, given in the first flush of Adolph Hitler's triumph and revealing the kind of thinking which would give the German Church a time of glorious witness. Because the selections by Dr. Ogden are all in the shorter works there is an additional advantage in their often being more informal, - especially in the lectures and sermons. No one will suggest that this book will make the reading of Bultmann's other works unnecessary, but for the student, as opposed to the scholar, in this field, it may prove better to start with this volume and go on to the more formal works as time and strength permit. Finally, we should be very aware that there is at the end of Dr. Ogden's book, and for the first time in English, an Autobiography prepared especially by Dr. Bultmann for Dr. Ogden.

Publisher: Meridian