WHITE POWER/BREAK FREEDOM: Planning the Future of Urban America by Schuchter Arnold

WHITE POWER/BREAK FREEDOM: Planning the Future of Urban America

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Probably one of the finest frontal attacks on urban problems by a professional in some time. Schuchter, a city planner who has tackled Boston's ghetto, participated in urban renewal and the War on Poverty, sets forth a strategy for urban development that tells in dry, harsh, but reasonable terms how to ""guide the process and pattern of population growth in metropolitan regions. . . with the basic goal of improving the level of human welfare for all urban-dwellers,"" and, ultimately, instituting the ""New Urban America."" Schuchter's book, addressed mainly to professionals and political leaders--members of the white power structure--carefully explores the serious problems of the cities but concludes that they are solvable. ""Enough is presently known about the 'urban crisis'--essentially black rebellion interacting with urbanization--to basically and dramatically alter its future direction, and in so doing, prepare urban America for entry into the twenty-first century."" Overly hopeful some will say. But Schuchter tells specifically how. One striking insight' ""In retrospect, urban America may be grateful to the Negro revolt that triggered an awakening of public and private sectors to the aimless deterioration of urban life.

Pub Date: Oct. 4th, 1968
Publisher: Beacon